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Think-Pink Sport

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Looking for the perfect gift for the sporty gal or guy who cares about supporting worthy causes? This Think-Pink Sport gift is sure to be a hit. Signature Think-Pink towels are presented with healthy, high energy snacks to make their workout fantastic.

The plush Think-Pink bath and sport sized towels are created in the campaign's signature bright pink color with an embroidered logo. Everyone wants a luxury quality towel for drying off after a hard workout; these Think-Pink towels take it to the next level by also benefiting the National Breast Cancer Campaign in Belgium.

Enjoy the goodness of whole foods in the gluten and wheat free snack bar and porridge . Bursting with nutritious ingredients including oats, cranberries, quinoa, and raisins, the bar and porridge provide energy to sustain a workout...or recover from one!

A My Smoothie in pineapple is a refreshing drink to enjoy any time of the day. This sporty gift also includes Nim's pineapple fruit crisps and an Oxfam organic sesame bar.

The mission of Think-Pink, the National Breast Cancer Campaign in Belgium, is to inform, raise awareness, support scientific research and raise money for care and after-care projects.
  • 1Think Pink Bath Towel
  • 1Think Pink Sport Towel
  • 1MySmoothie Pineapple, 250 ml
  • 1KarmaKarma Oat Mix with Berries & Almonds, 100 g
  • 1Perkier Cashew, Chia & Pumpkin Seed Quinoa Bar, 35 g
  • 1Oxfam Bio Bar Sesame, 20 g
  • 1Fruit Paper Mango & Apple
What's inside?

MySmoothie Pineapple, 250 ml

Ingredients: Pineapple juice (61%), banana pulp (24%), coconut milk (10%), dietary fibre (chicory fibre 3%), lemon juice (2%).
From concentrate, pasteurized.
Nutrition Declaration per 100 ml: Energy 340 kJ / 80 kcal – total fat 2 g – saturates 0 g – carbohydrate 16,6 g – sugars 13,4 g – protein 0,1 g – salt 0 g

Oxfam Bio Bar Sesame, 20 g

Ingredients: Sesame seed (62%), glucose, cane sugar.
Allergy Advice: May contain traces of peanuts and nuts.
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 2201,8 kJ / 528,2 kcal – total fat 32,6 g – saturates 4,8 g – carbohydrate 47,1 g – sugars 27 g – protein 16,6 g – salt 0,11 g

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