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Summer Cocktail, Fruit & Chocolates

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Celebrate the joys of summer with our festive summer cocktail gift set! This gift trio will turn any special occasion into a fabulous party. The perfect pairing of a refreshing aperitif, Belgian chocolates filled with cocktails, and fresh exotic fruit is like a tropical vacation.

Flor Herbal G.I.N. is a refreshing aperitif created with not less than 10 selected herbs and spices. G.I.N. stands for: Genuine Infusion of Natural Herbs and Spices. The herbs and spices are infused in a special process for a wonderfully balanced taste that is unique from standard gins. With an alcohol content of 18%, Flor Herbal G.I.N. makes an exceptional gin & tonic.

Carré Chocolaterie's ChoCocktail pralines are fun bottle-shaped Belgian chocolates filled with trendy cocktail flavors. The cocktail flavors include Caipirinha, limoncello, gin & tonic, mojito, vodka with Red Bull, and Caribbean Sunset.

A scrumptious collection of ripe exotic fruit completes this delicious summer gift. Fresh fruit selection will vary by season and availability, and may include such favorites as mango, pineapple, lime, persimmon, and/or grapefruit.
  • 2Exotic Fruit Variety Portion
  • 1ChoCocktail Belgian Chocolates Cocktails, 175 g
What's inside?

Exotic Fruit Variety Portion

An exotic fruit portion equals ± 500 g and can include mango, pineapple, lime, persimmon, grapefruit (may vary according to the season).
Decoration fruits may include golden berries, redcurrant.

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