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Neuhaus World's Top Chefs Collection, 27 pcs

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Nine world-famous Chefs and Chefs Pâtissiers have created their own unique pralines for Neuhaus, each one inspired by a treasured childhood memory. This prestigious combination of haute cuisine and premium chocolate will delight the finest palate. Discover the combination of fresh flavours including almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, speculoos, lemon, green tea, coffee, and strawberry are the perfect complement to the intense Belgian dark chocolate and rich milk chocolate.

Christophe Adam of Paris based his praline on California almonds and coconut nibs from Bali, Belgian Chef Joost Arijs was inspired by flavours of speculoos and mandarins from childhood Saint Nicholas Day chocolates, and Annie Féolde of Italy honoured the flavours of Tuscany in her extra virgin olive oil and lemon zest ganache. Click on the "Composition" tab for more information on all the praline flavours.

This luxury gift box contains 27 exclusive chocolates (three from each chef) in an exquisite presentation.
  • 1Neuhaus World's Top Chefs Collection, 27 pcs
What's inside?

Contains 27 exclusive chocolates, 3 of each variety:

  • Christophe Adam:
    A smooth praliné made with Californian almonds, set on a crumble of caramelized coconut nibs from Bali and covered in creamy milk chocolate.

  • Joost Arijs:
    Velvety-soft single-origin milk chocolate ganache, made with 44% cocoa from Arriba, together with Belgian speculoos on a Spanish mandarin coulis.

  • Oriol Balaguer:
    Crispy praliné with popping sugar on a layer of fresh fruit coulis made from yuzu, an Asian citrus fruit, covered in intense dark chocolate.

  • Daniel Boulud & Ghaya Oliveira:
    Chocolate ganache scented with lemon verbena, on a delicate layer of strawberry fruit jam coated with dark chocolate.

  • Annie Féolde:
    White chocolate-based creamy ganache, enriched with Italian olive oil and masterfully combined with lemon zest.

  • Peter Goossens:
    Smooth vanilla ganache with Japanese Matcha tea on a fresh gel of tonic, covered in intense dark chocolate.

  • Arabelle Meirlaen:
    Beneath a shell of smooth milk chocolate lies an intense coffee buttercream and rich praliné with Szechuan pepper and crispy “feuilletine” or Breton waffles.

  • Harald Wohlfahrt:
    A ganache of pumpkin and Eastern ginger on a layer of marzipan with 50% almonds from Faro in Portugal and orange zest, covered in soft milk chocolate.

  • Pierre Wynants & Lionel Rigolet:
    Smooth Madagascar vanilla fresh cream on a layer of caramel, with pineapple and exotic black Samba tea, enrobed with intense dark chocolate.
  • Neuhaus World's Top Chefs Collection, 27 pcs

    Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cream (contains milk), strawberry jam (glucose-fructose syrup, strawberries, sugar, thickener: pectin, nutritional acid: citric acid), roasted almonds (tree nuts), butter (contains milk), butteroil (contains milk), olive oil, glucose syrup, roasted hazelnuts, invert sugar, stabilizer: glycerol of rapeseed, mandarin, dextrose, yuzu, palm oil, palm kernel oil, caramelised coconut (coconut, sugar), lemon purée (lemon, sugar), blood orange purée, pineapple purée (pineapple, sugar), emulsifier: soy lecithin, tonic, pumpkin, flavours, stabiliser: sorbitol, pineapple, lime powder (sugar, concentrated lime juice, starch, lime-oil), candied orange peel (orange peel, sugar, fructose glucose syrup, nutritional acid: citricacid), wheat-flour, thickener: pectin, strawberries, coffee, skimmed milk powder, kaffir lime, stabilizer: sorbitol of wheat, lemon, ginger, black tea, water, Matcha green tea powder, candied ginger (ginger, sugar, citric acid), vanilla, acid (citric acid), salt, colour: titanium dioxide, rapeseed oil, Sichuan pepper, candy syrup, carbon dioxide (E290), lactose, spices, raising agent: sodiumbicarbonate, milk sugar, milk protein, soy flour, cinnamon, malted barley flour
    Allergy Advice: May contain traces of eggs, sesame, groundnuts and other nuts
    Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 2054 kJ / 492 kcal – total fat 30,9 g – saturates 18 g – carbohydrate 46,5 g – sugars 41,8 g – protein 5,4 g – salt 0,11 g

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