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Chocoholic Deluxe

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Our Chocoholic Deluxe is one of our favorite chocolate gift ideas for offices, families, and groups - or that one very lucky chocolate lover in your life. Our newest Chocoholic Deluxe is better than ever, with an abundance of Belgian chocolates and sweets from the best brands, including Godiva, Neuhaus, Barú, Galler, Walkers, and more.

The journey begins with Godiva's New Gold Discovery Collection, a tantalizing 9 piece chocolate assortment that showcases the best of their chocolate expertise and craftsmanship, building on their Belgium tradition since 1926. The gift also features the 10 delicious Truffe Traditionnelle in a small modern box aligned with the warm burgundy colors of Godiva's truffles.

So many more chocolate delights await! From Galler, indulge in dark chocolate praliné bouchées and a rich dark chocolate spread. Enjoy 6 sumptuous Godiva truffles, heavenly Barú dark chocolate raspberry marshmallows, and a Neuhaus 72% dark chocolate tablet. They will also love the timeless favorites: After Eight chocolate mints, 2 Côte d'Or Bouchées and Ferrero Rocher.

An irresistible Forchy brownie and classic Walkers chocolate chip shortbread are the finishing touches on this VIP Christmas gift. The sweets are presented in a luxurious chic black gift box that is sure to impress.
  • 1Godiva Gold Discovery Box, 9 pcs
  • 1Godiva Discovery Truffles, 10 pcs
  • 1Galler Spread Dark Chocolate 85%, 400 g
  • 1Godiva Cello with Godiva Truffles, 6 pcs
  • 1Galler Tube Dark Chocolate Praliné, 99 g
  • 1After Eight Chocolate Mints, 300 g
  • 1Ferrero Rocher, 4 pcs
  • 1Neuhaus Tablet Dark Raspberry, 100 g
  • 1Barú Dark Chocolates Marshmallows Raspberry, 120 g
  • 1Forchy Brownie, 170 g
  • 1Walkers Chocolate Chip Shortbread, 125 g
  • 2Côte d'Or Bouchée Milk, 25 g
  • 1Luxury Black Box VIP
What's inside?

Godiva Discovery Truffles, 10 pcs

Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable oil (palm kernel, palm), cocoa mass, full cream milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, butter oil, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavouring.
Allergy Advice: May contain tree nuts and wheat (gluten).
Nutrition Declaration per 100g: Energy 2447 kJ/588 kcal - total fat 45 g - saturates 29 g - carbohydrate 44 g - sugars 38 g - protein 7 g - salt 0.1 g

Galler Spread Dark Chocolate 85%, 400 g

Ingredients: Sweetened condensed milk (milk, sugar), glucose syrup, dark chocolate with min. 85% cocoa: 13% (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin), invert sugar syrup, cocoa paste, caramelized sugar, caramelized glucose-fructose syrup.
Allergy Advice: May contain nuts, eggs and wheat (gluten).
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 1586 kJ / 379 kcal – Total Fat 13,7 g – Saturates 8,4 g – Carbohydrate 57 g – Sugars 43,9 g – Protein 4,8 g - Salt 0 g
EAN Code: 5412038210118

Godiva Cello with Godiva Truffles, 6 pcs

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, full cream milk powder, cocoa butter, vegetable oil (palm kernel, palm, sunflower, rapeseed), almonds, wheat flour, butter oil, glucose-fructose syrup, cocoa powder, cream, invert sugar syrup, hazelnut, sweetened condensed milk, skimmed milk powder, rice flour, humectant (sorbitol), butter, glucose syrup, flavourings, emulsifier (soy lecithin), strawberry, salt, dried strawberries, maltodextrin, soy flour, cinnamon, milk sugar, milk protein, wheat starch, barley malt flour.
Allergy Advice: May contain milk products, nuts, soya and gluten.
Nutrition Declaration per 100g: energy 2285 kJ / 548 kcal – total fat 37 g – saturates 22 g – carbohydrate 47 g – sugars 43 g – protein 6,6 g – salt 0,2 g

Galler Tube Dark Chocolate Praliné, 99 g

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa paste, hazelnuts 16%, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emusifier : soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring. Cocoa solids : min. 60%.
Allergy Advice: May contain other nuts, eggs and wheat (gluten).
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 2304 kJ / 550 kcal – Total Fat 36 g – Saturates 16,2 g – Carbohydrate 46,2 g – Sugars 43,4 g – Protein 6,4 g - Salt 0 g
EAN Code: 5412038306602

After Eight Chocolate Mints, 300 g

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, butterfat (from lilk) emusifier (sunflower lecithin), natural peppermint oil, citric acid, stabiliser (invertase).
Allergy Advice: Contains or may contain traces of milk, peanuts and nuts.
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 1786 kJ / 424 kcal – total fat 12,9 g – saturates 8,1 g – carbohydrate 73,6 g – sugars 66,7 g – protein 2 g – salt 0,05 g

Ferrero Rocher, 4 pcs

Ingredients: Milk chocolate (30%) (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder, butter oil, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanillin), hazelnuts (28,5%), sugar, palm oil, wheat flour, whey powder, fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, salt, vanillin.
Allergy Advice: Contains or may contain traces of milk, soy, nuts, gluten, sesame, eggs.
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 2506 kJ / 603 kcal – total fat 42,7 g – saturates 14,1 g – carbohydrate 44,4 g – sugars 39,9 g – protein 8,2 g – salt 0,15 g
Within the limits of the stock available. Alternatives: Ferrero Raffaello.

Barú Dark Chocolates Marshmallows Raspberry, 120 g

Ingredients: Marshmallow (51,8 %) (glucose fructose syrup, sugar, water, dextrose, gelatin, maize starch, honey, ground vanilla bean, acidity regulator (lactic acid)), dark chocolate (48 %) (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, skimmed cocoa powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin)), freeze-dried raspberries (0,2 %). Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 50 % minimum
Allergy Advice: Contains soya and may contain traces of milk and nuts
Nutrition Declaration per 100g: Energy 1785 kJ / 425 kcal, Fat 16 g (of which saturates 9.4 g), Carbohydrate 66 g (of which Sugars 64 g), Protein 3.4 g, Salt 0.13 g

Forchy Brownie, 170 g

Ingredients: Cane sugar 19%, fresh eggs, concentrated butter 15%, chocolate drops (sucre, cacao mass, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavouring), chocolate coating (sugar, cocoa mas, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavouring), wheat flour, soya flour, glucose syrup, cocoa powder, stabilizers (sorbitol, glycerol), raising agentes (diphosphates, sodium carbonates), flavouring, sea salt 0.1%.
Allergy Advice: Contains or may contain traces of eggs, butter, soy, wheat, nuts.
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 1976 kJ / 472 kcal – total fat 26,4 g – saturates 16,7 g – carbohydrate 51,4 g – sugars 37 g – protein 7,1 g – salt 0,38 g

Walkers Chocolate Chip Shortbread, 125 g

Ingredients: Wheat flour (wheat flour, cacium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin), butter (milk) (26%), sugar, chocolate chips (10%) (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural vanilla flavouring), salt.
Allergy Advice: May contain traces of wheat, milk, soya and nuts.
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 2168 kJ / 518 kcal – total fat 27,6 g – saturates 17,2 g – carbohydrate 61,3 g – sugars 25,7 g – protein 5,2 g – salt 0,70 g

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