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Brunch with Champagne

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There is no better way to start the day than with lingering over a great brunch with family or friends. This fantastic brunch basket with all kinds of luxurious snacks and Baron Albert Champagne is just what you need for a festive brunch.

From sweet to savory, in this brunch basket you will discover the most delicious way to start the day, with treats including:
- a bottle of the lively, elegant Baron Albert Champagne
- a cheese plate with Wyngaard ripened cheese and mustard cheese
- 2 sandwiches and 2 mignardises from prestige baker Debailleul
- apricot jam, strawberry jam, chocolate spread, and acacia honey from Belberry
- olives and olive paste from Golden Heritage
- crispy toast for cheese
- chocolate cookies Martin Matin from Generous
- a dark chocolate tablet with berries from Côte d'Or
- salted cashew nuts from Oxfam
- mini bread sticks from Fratelli Comino
- a bar of dark chocolate with raspberry from Neuhaus
- a bouchée milk chocolate, 2 bouchées white chocolate and 5 pralinettes from Côte d'Or
- 2 marshmallows with dark chocolate and raspberry from Barú
  • 1Côte d'Or Bouchée Milk, 25 g
  • 1Côte d'Or Tablet Noir Brut 86% 100 g
  • 1The Fine Cheese co Toast for Cheese, 100 g
  • 1Fratelli Comino Rubata 120g
  • 1Wyngaard Dutch Aged Cheese & Mosterd Cheese on Wooden Tray
  • 1Champagne Baron Albert Brut with Etui, 75 cl
  • 2Debailleul Sandwich
  • 2Debailleul Mignardise
  • 1Generous Nicole Noisette Hazelnut Croquant, 100 g
  • 2Barú Wrapped Marshmallow Dark Chocolate Raspberry, 1 pc
  • 2Côte d'Or Bouchée White, 1 pc
  • 5Côte d'Or Pralinette, 1 pc
  • 1Golden Heritage : Manzanilla Olives 250g
  • 1Golden Heritage : Arbequina Pasta, 110 g
  • 1Neuhaus Bar Dark Chocolate Raspberry, 53 g
  • 1oxfam Bio Cashew Nuts, 100 g
  • 1Royal Belberry Strawberry Jam, 28 g
  • 1Royal Belberry Apricots Jam, 28 g
  • 1Royal Belberry Acacia Honey, 28 g
  • 1Royal Belberry Chocolate Spread, 28 g
  • 1Woven Hamper Deluxe
What's inside?

The Fine Cheese co Toast for Cheese, 100 g

Ingredients: Thin, crispy slices of Toast for Cheese, studded with dried fruit, nuts and seeds

Generous Nicole Noisette Hazelnut Croquant, 100 g

Ingredients: Cane sugar, hazelnuts, egg white (free reange), potato starch.
Nutrition Declaration per 100 g: Energy 1672 kJ / 398 kcal – Total Fat 14 g – Saturates 1 g – Carbohydrate 63 g – Sugars 51 g – Protein 4,7 g - Salt 0,08 g

Royal Belberry Strawberry Jam, 28 g

Ingredients: Strawberries (55%), sugar, pectin, lemon juice, total sugar.

Royal Belberry Apricots Jam, 28 g

Ingredients: Apricot (55%), sugar, pectin, lemon juice.

Royal Belberry Acacia Honey, 28 g

Ingredients: 100% Italian acacia honey

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