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100% Belgian Tastes: Beer, Wine & Liquor Edition

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The impressive gift basket offers a fantastic sampling of the best beer, wine, and liquors from Belgium. Discover the unique offerings of the picturesque West Flanders region of Belgium, along with signature Belgian chocolate specialities. It's like taking a tour of Belgian breweries, vineyards, distilleries, and chocolatiers without ever leaving home!

Belgium is rightly world famous for its beer, and this gift hamper includes a trio of great brews. De Poes is a fruity, blond, unfiltered beer that has spicy hints with notes of flowers and citrus. Rabarberhoeve Barbertje Beer is a refreshing white, unfiltered beer of high fermentation with apple and rhubarb notes. Seizoensbrouwerij Vandewalle Reninge Oud Bruin is a Flemish brown beer based on a recipe from 1800. Ripened in oak barrels, this beer is complex, intense, and yet delicate.

Discover Entre-Deux-Monts Rouge, a marvelous red wine that is a melange of Merlot and Malbec grapes. Entre-Deux-Monts is French for "between two mountains", and the vineyard is located between two hills in the Belgian countryside not far from the French border. This wine has been created by two collaborating wine producers (one from Belgium and one from France) with great passion and know-how.

Next, explore three distinctive Belgian liquors. Flor Original is a artisanal aperitif made from carefully selected citrus fruits and herbs. Enjoy ice cold Flor pure as an aperitif or digestif, or mixed with white wine or Cava or in cocktails. Jenever 't Wit Pulleke is a traditional juniper-based liquor also known as "Dutch gin". It is the perenially popular national liquor of Belgium. Elixir de Roulers is created from herbs soaked in an alcohol solution and mixed with sugar and distilled water. Well-known as a digestive, it's great to drink on the rocks, in mixed drinks, and even in desserts.

Even more Belgian specialties await the lucky recipient of this outstanding gift basket. Naturally, we have included scrumptious Belgian chocolate: Van Nevel's pretty chocolate seashells, unique Ledoux Langemark Bakeland pralines, and irresistible Chocofino hazelnut spread. Crevin's special raspberry-yogurt gourmet marshmallows are another sweet treat.

Enjoy the sweets with a delicious cup of Grandmother's Coffee Extra Dessert, an artisanally roasted 100% Arabica fine filter coffee. The coffee has a rich aroma and a soft, long finish that invites lingering over dessert with friends. It is a delightful conclusion to this luxury gourmet Belgian gift basket.
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What's inside?

De Poes Beer, 33 cl

De Poes is a blond, unfiltered beer of high fermentation and refermented in the bottle. It's a fruity beer with a balanced, bitter touch of hop. Fresh touch and spicy hints with notes of flowers and citrus.
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat, oatmeal, corn, sugar, 2 kinds of hop, yeast, seasoning.
Belgian top fermentation beer and refermented in the bottle.

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